Black Tomato Gin – 500ml 42.3%

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Black Tomato Gin – 500ml 42.3%


To make the gin, the tomatoes are plucked from the bushes and smashed with neutral spirit. The liquid is then filtered and distilled.

Juniper and the secret botanical are also processed as separate distillates, and the three spirits are combined before the purified salt water is added. This concentrate is stretched with grain alcohol, then cut down to 42.3% ABV with purified water.

We’d certainly advise trying Black Tomato Gin.

It’s curious and risky, but there’s plenty of room for it in an overwhelmingly saturated market, as it’s one quite like no other. Meijers and Sandee have boldly embraced the strange, and Black Tomato Gins proof that risk brings reward.


Black Tomato Gin & Tonic the perfect serve. Prepare with some fresh basil. Add ice cubes, 50 ml Black Tomato Gin and chilled Pomegranate & Basil mixer.

When the basil connects it combine’s beautifully with the unique botanicals in Black Tomato Gin. Enjoy your refreshingly smooth and mysterious taste.


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