Blind Tiger Imperial Secrets – 500ml 45% (Gift Hamper)

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Blind Tiger Imperial Secrets – 500ml 45% (Gift Hamper)


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Blind Tiger Imperial Secrets is a smooth and lush gin, distilled with three, amazing black teas from Assam, Cashmere and Yunnan.

Inspired by the prohibition era trick of selling a ticket to see a ‘blind tiger’ then receiving a complimentary drink, the Deluxe Distillers work out the backroom of a hidden distillery! Established in 2014 and based in Belgium, Deluxe Distillers craft small batch, premium spirits.

Blind Tiger Imperial Secrets Gin is a highly aromatic, smooth gin. Light spice and floral notes meld perfectly with the rich tannins. Almond eases the path between the gentle heat of coriander and grains of paradise and the full-bodied citrus. Complex, yet not fussy, this is a really exciting spirit.


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