Bundle – Pau Maui Vodka x Sakurao x 1 case DD Skinny 200ml

Bundle – Pau Maui Vodka x Sakurao x 1 case DD Skinny 200ml

$217.00 $80.00

1 x Pau Maui Vodka
1 x Sakurao Gin
1 case Double Dutch Skinny 200ml
  • PAU Maui Vodka is an authentic expression of aloha, encompassing the gratitude for Maui’s agriculture, passion for the Hawaiian Islands and a strong love of its people.
  • Distilled from Maui Gold pineapples, each set of hands that influence PAU Maui’s journey from seed-to-bottle, tell a story.
  • This shared collective is the true craft of this spirit, resulting in an incredibly pure Hawaii made Vodka.
  • Clean, crisp aroma and neutral taste with an award-winning smooth finish, no pineapple flavor.
  • Sakurao distillery was build on the foundation of a well-established Japanese sake brewery, Chugoku Jozo in 2018.
  • Sakurao gin’s philosophy is to create a uniquely Japanese gin which demonstrates the bountiful riches that Japan’s nature has to offer – particularly focusing on utilizing botanicals from the surrounding Hiroshima region.
  • Sakurao distillery utilizes Hiroshima grown navel oranges, green lemons, sweet summer oranges, yuzu, dai dai, hinoki cypress, green tea, red shiso and ginger. There are 5 additional imported botanicals, juniper and coriander, with the other 3 still a mystery at this point in time.
  • Botanicals (14) : Sakurao Gin Original contains juniper with 9 botanicals sourced entirely from Hiroshima: Lemon, Navel Orange, Sweet Summer Orange, Yuzu, Daidai, Hinoki, Green Tea, Aka Shiso, Ginger.
  • Nose : The citrus comes through strongly, particularly the yuzu and oranges. After a solid 30 seconds or so to get a hint of green tea too.
  • Palate : Slap a slice of fresh ginger on an orange, bite down. The hinoki lies in wait in the middle after quite a bit of sloshing around. Towards the end the shiso and green tea emerges.
  • Finish : The ginger spiciness sticks with you alongside the juniper for a crisp ending.
  • Recommended mixer : Indian / Skinny Tonic water
  • Garnish : Lime wedge /Ginger Slice/Olives


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