Kujira Single Grain 8 Years Aged

Kujira Single Grain 8 Years Aged


  • 500ml
  • ABV 46%

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Kujira Single Grain Japanese Whisky Original bottling

KUJIRA, a brand name inspired by the tender and caring nature of whales, home to Okinawa coastlines, also regarded as a guardian symbol of the Islands that had have long suffered from land battles. Being the most huge and impressive wildlife on earth, KUJIRA is also believed to share human’s personality of bountifulness, continues to running beneath praise of the islands.

A lovely, eight year-old Rice Whisky aged in Bourbon and Sherry casks.
The Kumesen Distillery — Kumesen Syuzo — was founded in Okinawa, Japan, in 1952. Their first product was Awamori — a beverage distilled from special Indica rice and served at 30-40% ABV. Then in 1989 they began to age their Awamori in oak casks, creating a rice-based Whiskey. The products are exceptionally popular in the Japanese islands and the rich flavor of their products are building a global fan base.

Kujira Ryukyu 8 Year Old Whiskyis a single grain Rice Whisky. Do NOT make the mistake of thinking that this is a Rice Wine or a Sake. This is a real Whiskey with rice as the core fermented grain. It’s made from polished Indica rice and aged for eight years in a combination of ex-Bourbon and ex-Sherry casks and bottled at 40% ABV. The result is an exceptional Spirit with the smoothness of a wheated dram and all of the spice coming from the wood.


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