Onikishi Japanese Blended Whisky

Onikishi Japanese Blended Whisky

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  • 43% ABV / 700 ml
  • Onikishi whisky is made in Taka-cho, Hyogo prefecture, a town framed by mountains with a mild climate. The distillers bring the knowledge and experiences of producing spirits while breathing in a refreshing flair into whisky-making. The result combines Scotch traditions and Japanese savoir-faire.
  • Distilled with pure waters and aged in white oak barrels, according to its makers Onikishi whisky delivers a well-balanced body and oriental accents.
  • Nose: Leathery dark notes open to a heathery character and sweet malty presence before subtle wood notes arise at the close.
  • Palate: A rich burst of malt and sweet cereals provide a creamy mouthfeel. Mid-palate, there's a distinct nuttiness followed by a slight astringent citrus finish.
  • Finish: The lingering finish brings hints of dark molasses offset by subtle citrus peel.


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