Ready-To-Drink: 9 x 500ml (select flavours in remarks)

Ready-To-Drink: 9 x 500ml (select flavours in remarks)

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L.A.B Ready-To-Drink Cocktail Pouch

Includes :
9 x 500ml (please indicate the flavours in the remarks box)
9 x Double Dutch Soda Water 200ml

: Serves 45 drinks

The exquisite combination of fresh aromatic lychee, bittersweet astringent of the grapefruit and the subtle fruity scent of elderflower creates a unique exotic twist to the regular Lychee Martini. The elderflower adds a crisp and refreshing element to the cocktail, where the sweetness is all lychee while the grapefruit adds a bit of welcome tartness into the finish.

The Passionfruit Teani on the other hand, diffuses the fruit’s heady tropical flavour bomb with the dark, musty and malty gusto of the black tea. The perfect hot-weather pick me up hits the right spot with the impeccable balance of heady aroma of the passionfruit and the tannic black tea, and takes one away to the days of lazing by the pool or the beach.

And for those who prefer a less sweet cocktail, the Lemongrass Cooler is just the cocktail to enjoy. The gingery and delicate lemony flavour of the lemongrass with a hint of kaffir lime leaves, deliver a bright green citrus nose with a zingy, ever so slightly candied feel, leaving a mouthful of a mix of lemon and lemon mint lingering at the back of the palate..

How to drink it:
This delicious and refreshing ready to drink cocktail can be served straight from the freezer, served on the rocks or for a touch of fizz add a splash of soda.


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