Ron Añejo Botran 8 : ABV 40% – 700ml

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Ron Añejo Botran 8 : ABV 40% – 700ml


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Ron Botran Añejo 8 is a blend of up to 8 years, distilled from concentrated sugarcane honey that goes through a slow fermentation process.

Ron Botran Añejo 8 is aged under the Solera System 2,400 meters above sea level, in American white oak barrels that previously held American Whiskey, and  charred barrels and casks that had aged Sherry Wines.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Deep amber with golden flashes.

Nose: Captivating, with good intensity. Charred touches  from the barrels, notes of vanilla, tropical fruits and  berries are perceived.

Taste: Smooth, easy, very sensitive step in the mouth.  Notes of fruits and wood

Good travel, balanced,  harmonious.


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