Twisted Nose Gin – 40% 700ml

Twisted Nose Gin – 40% 700ml


Twisted Nose Watercress Gin
50ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
15ml freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice
10ml Honey
One egg white (or vegan equivalent)
Soda water 30ml
Garnish: Watercress sprig
Glass: Highball
Add all ingredients except soda to a cocktail shaker and shake hard without ice. Shake very hard again, this time with ice. Pour chilled soda into a highball glass, then strain the shaken cocktail carefully over the soda before garnishing. Serve immediately.

Caught in glinting, swirling, blue-green glass, Twisted Nose invites you to taste with your eyes even before you’ve pulled the oak stopper to breathe in the fragrance as you pour the spirit. The taste is intensely herbaceous yet delicately floral, beginning with soft sweet citrus notes, developing spicy undertones and finishing with a peppery sparkle from the fresh watercress grown at the distillery.

To support and balance the watercress, we’ve picked nine other botanicals – including juniper, locally grown lavender and coriander from the South Downs – which we distill slowly to maintain their fresh and delicate aromas.

After distillation we dilute the strong spirit to bottling strength with our own spring water extracted on site. This is the same mineral-rich water that has filtered through the chalk of the South Downs to feed the ancient river systems and watercress beds of the region


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